Thursday, April 9, 2009

Helpful Resources

Let's get some dialog going here. I'll start. When searching for juried shows and other artistic opportunities, there are two major sources I always check - Art Calendar Magazine and

Art Calendar Magazine
I started subscribing to this magazine about three years ago, and find it remarkably resourceful for all kinds of art related information from copyright laws for your artwork to articles on how to correctly package your work for shipping ( However, I typically instantly flip to the back of the magazine to scour the extensive "call for art" listings. Not only do they provide a great resource to artists, but they also allow shows/calls for art that don't require an entry fee to advertise for free on both their web site and in the magazine. It is very artist friendly.
GREAT resource! From artists, their work, art classes and tips to competitions and art shows - this site is here to help you succeed!

Ok - your turn - let us know where you look for listings and other artsy info!


  1. I have been receiving Art Calendar magazine for some time, and enjoy it. I also visit their online community,, occasionally. There are over 4000 members online, including several interesting people such as Keemo, who seems to really get the Internet sales thing. However, the scuttlebutt community is primarily artists sharing their work and stories with other artists. The focus is not on finding juried shows. I'd like to hear more from other artists about experiences with art competitions.

  2. I had a prof in grad school who encouraged me to get some early experience through juried shows, so that first year I entered 10 and got into 8. I thought "wow, this is a piece of cake...check me out!" - the following year I entered 10, and got into 2. The work had not changed significantly. It was a valuable lesson...I realized that I couldn't take rejection letters personally - taste, luck, what the juror had for breakfast, it was all out of my hands.

    From that point on I entered shows that had huge prize money, were publishing catalogues, or had specific themes and important jurors. Actually, the few museum collections I'm in are the result of juried shows with purchase awards. It's important to be selective about the venue.

    I recently urged that very prof I mentioned earlier to enter a juried show at a museum in IN. No entry fee. Not only did he get in, he sold one large piece to the museum and the other to a member of the museum board. Not bad for a day's work!

  3. Art Calendar is one of my favorite resources. That's how I found your magazine and blog!

  4. I wanna try Art calendar...thank you for the news